Mother’s Day – Beyond the Gift

Mother’s Day – Beyond the Gift

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Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and no matter if you prefer to get it over with quickly or if you like to make a big event out of it, one thing is certain, you will be thinking about gifts for Mother’s Day this week.

The best Mothers Day gifts are, of course, the ones from the heart. That can mean something homemade, special and unique, something that your mother really loves, maybe collectibles and such, something expensive and breathtaking if your budget permits, or even just chocolate novelties and a small trinket.

You can find endless gift ideas for Mother’s Day online, but whatever you may end up choosing, it’s good to keep in mind that in the majority of cases, you are the gift – you coming home with a big smile and a big hug is what really makes Mother’s Day special. The gesture of gift-giving is more important than the actual gift when it comes to these kinds of holidays. Nevertheless, while we do know this deep inside, it always seems like a struggle to make up your mind on what to buy or make for your mother on this special occasion. Some people prepare days or even weeks in advance, and have their gift sorted out when the moment comes, others just enter panic mode the morning of, and purchase whatever is more convenient at the time.

For both aforementioned categories, at the Buy American Campaign, we want to remind you of another special mother in our lives, our motherland. Mother’s Day is more than getting a flower bouquet for your mom on Sunday, it’s a national celebration where we as a whole honor motherhood, and take a step back to recognize the undeniable influence American mothers have had and will continue to have on our society. For this reason, instead of debating what are the best Mothers Day gifts, which is kind of silly taking into consideration that people and relationships are so unique and diverse, we feel like it’s more important to say that the best gifts for Mothers Day are those made in the USA.

When talking about a special celebration like the one happening this upcoming weekend, our team always tends to shift their attention to the consumer’s behavior, and we often times feel obligated to speak up for what we feel is right. So, even if events like these usually come with a dose of frenzy that frequently leave us searching for the easiest solution, we want to remind readers that as a mother is the heart of the family so is manufacturing the heart of our economy.

In conclusion, even in cases where American-made products are not the most accessible due to various reasons, we encourage you to make the extra effort no matter the holiday, and buy your gifts, or the materials required to make your gift from right here, from home, from where the heart is.

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