Why It Is Important To Buy Made In USA Products

Why It Is Important To Buy Made In USA Products

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In today’s world, the phrase “buy American” is something that is tiring to the ears of many. We see it on TV, we read about it in the newspapers, and it has even become some sort of slogan in some quarters with many people not really knowing what it truly means and the benefit inherent in it.

Buying American simply means to buy made in USA products by the people of the United States. Buying American is more than just a show of patriotism, rather it has a lot of benefit for everyone.

The first of this is that it ensures that manufacturing industries are able to continue functioning and provide more jobs for our teeming youthful population. Purchasing American-made products ensures that industries stay in business and the manufacturing sector continues to grow thereby reducing unemployment.


Secondly, to buy made in USA products ensures that quality goods are continuously in circulation. As everyone has come to understand that many products made outside the country are more than half of the time inferior because of the fact that manufacturers can mass produce at a cheaper quality outside the country, a situation which regulations in the United States will forbid.

Lastly, to buy made in USA products puts more money in the pockets of American families and investors. It means that more American businesses can open and enjoy the patronage that they deserve. And as anyone knows, a key attraction for any investor is the presence of a market. If American people can come together to increase the demand for made-in-America products, then we would see a huge turnaround in the growth of business investments and household income.

How to recognize an import (even if it says ‘Made in America”)

It is not unusual to find a product that says “Made in America” with a big American flag but on close observation it may carry another statement saying its parts are sourced from another country. Misleading labeling such as this are far too common as many manufacturers are either trying to skip the barrier of regulations or appealing to consumers. But whatever the case may be, you have the right to know if you are genuinely purchasing a made in America product.

As a consumer willing to buy American, you need to pay close attention to labeling despite the American flag that may be boldly placed on these products. Many products may carry the flag and the statement, but on close observation, they may carry a label that reads “Country of Origin”; a requirement by the regulatory agencies. This label will often be in a conspicuous place where by casually handling the product, you will easily see it. For instance, when buying a new refrigerator, you can easily see the country of origin of the manufacturer on the wall of the interior. If you are buying a gas grill, you may see this on the back of the metal frame. But you must keep in mind that for a truly made in America product, it is not required.

In conclusion, as a consumer and patriot, the choice to grow our community and economy by buying American lies in part with you. When next you go to the store, pay attention to that made in America label. It might after all not be truly made in America.


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