Why American Products Are Always Better Quality

Why American Products Are Always Better Quality

According to a 2015 report by Consumer Reports, 80% of Americans say they prefer to purchase products made in the United States. More than 60% say they’d even pay 10% more for an American-made product. Think of the label “Made in America.” What brand images come to mind? Chances are, you’ve conjured up a picture of quality, class and durability.

Manufacturers in the United States of America have a reputation for getting it right the first time. Since The top manufacturing companies in America often can’t compete on price with the manufacturers that benefit from lower labor costs overseas, they have to compete on quality, service, or speed–and they have a reputation for doing all they can to defend that brand edge. This made American manufacturers invest more in advanced plants and technology, which give them an edge in manufacturing precision and flexibility.

The top manufacturing companies in America abide by strict labor laws. They ensure that products are made under humane working conditions and meet today’s stringent safety standards. Low pay and child labor will never be factored into getting products made. This cumulates in producing products of high quality.

To manufacture products in America, a company must comply with rigorous standards when regulating the use of toxic chemicals and dangerous materials that can cause either injury or health hazards. Not only are there rules for what the manufacturer can use during production, but also how the product should be handled from beginning to the end. This is not so with many products made overseas. Safety standards are often weak at best in many overseas countries. They do not regulate toxic chemicals such as lead or formaldehyde.

American made products are known for innovations and craftsmanship. For example, you can tell the difference between a well-crafted piece of furniture and one that was produced quickly to get it off the line. You can feel it in the wood. You can see it in the quality of the fabrics. You can sense it every time you pull open a drawer. Many American furniture makers craft their pieces by hand from solid wood and other natural materials. Same story with American made shoes, most styles are made from genuine leather, and many are sewn by hand. American manufacturers ensure they produce a resilient product that will withstand the test of time.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission ensures manufacturers produce quality products that are safe for consumers. Buying goods made in the U.S. means you can rest easy knowing your products comply with American consumer protection laws and safety standards. In 2007, dozens of types of children’s toys made in China were recalled because they were unsafe. Some posed a choking hazard, while others contained dangerous chemicals like lead paint and kerosene, according to The New York Times.

It’s actually possible to buy nearly anything, from a new sweater to a washing machine, from an American manufacturer – if you know where to look. Various websites exist, along with ours, for the purpose of helping U.S. consumers spend their shopping dollars on quality products that are “Made in America.”

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