Why you should buy from American Manufacturing Companies

Why you should buy from American Manufacturing Companies

Even though today there are fewer American-made goods for consumers, this does not mean that these products do not exist anymore. Quite a few American startups and longstanding veteran brands churn out various US-made products such as kitchen supplies, beauty products, accessories, and clothes. Customers have various reasons for opting for American-made goods such as:

–    Buying goods manufactured in America supports the workers who made them and it strengthens the American economy. Every U.S. manufacturer supports more jobs in other sections of the economy.

–    You might find there is a lack of safety and environmental regulation overseas, which threatens the health of the foreign workers and that of American consumers.

–    Countries that produce some goods bought by Americans at times have no laws in favor of the protection of workers’ rights.

–    Even though it is cheaper to manufacture in developing countries, you might find few or no regulations for environmental protection meaning they have higher amounts of pollutants in the environment.

–    U.S. made goods have a lower carbon footprint compared to those made overseas. Goods made in India or China must be shipped across the ocean to get to American stores, resulting in the production of greenhouse gases and burning of fossil fuels with every mile traveled.

–    Creation or saving of jobs is one of the most common reasons given by shoppers for buying American.

The Federal Trade Commission or FTC requires all products with ‘Made in USA’ on the label to have nearly or all their content made in America; this includes labor, processing, and parts. However, regardless of the regulation by the FTC of the usage of the words ‘Made in USA’, some products labeled ‘Designed in USA’ or ‘Assembled in USA’ do not necessarily have US-made parts. The best way to identify goods manufactured in America is to look for a ‘Country of Origin’ label.

The aim of this website is to provide American Manufactured Companies to guide you when looking to buy American. This will help the U.S. consumer to spend their dollars in a way that supports the U.S. economy. Here are lists of examples of American manufacturing companies below for various products.

List American Manufacturing Companies for Shoes

–    Kepner Scott

–    Red Wing Shoes

–    Chippewa Boots

–    Allen Edmonds

–    New Balance

List American Manufacturing Companies for Clothing

–    Socks: Fair Trade, Maggie’s Organics, Wigwam Mills

–    Underwear: Union House Apparel, Victoria’s Secret, Hanky Panky

–    Outerwear: Stormy Kromer, L.L. Bean, Filson

–    Formal Wear: Etsy, BL Couture

–    Casual Wear: Karen Kane, Eileen Fisher, Spreadshirt

–    Blue Jeans: Texas Jeans, Diamond Gusset, Levi’s

List American Manufacturing Companies for Furniture

–    White Lotus Home

–    Ultimate Sack

–    Simplicity Sofas

–    Online Amish Furniture

–    Vermont Woods Studios

List American Manufacturing Companies for Appliances

–    Bosch

–    Kitchen Aid

–    Frigidaire

–    GE

–    Maytag

–    Whirlpool

List of American Made Cars

–    Buick Enclave

–    Chevrolet Corvette

–    GMC Acadia

–    Honda Odyssey

–    Toyota Sienna

–    Chevrolet Traverse

–    Toyota Camry

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