Our $10 Per Month Challenge

Our $10 Per Month Challenge

As I am sure you know by now, the Buy American Campaign’s mission is to bring awareness to the American consumer and to encourage them to consider buying products made in America. Helping American manufacturing by buying products made in the USA is not only important to our generation, but it is just as important for future generations of Americans. If you need to find out more about why manufacturing is so important to this country, visit our website and investigate the many articles that have so far been written. We plan to keep writing and distributing these articles to help get our message out there.

This will probably not come as a shock to you to find out that all this takes money. We are restricted on how we can distribute our message by our budget constraints. We have some generous contributors for which we are very grateful, but unfortunately it is not enough. In order to increase our distribution, we need to increase our resources.

Every little bit helps and that is why we have started up the $10 per month challenge. All we ask is that you contribute $10 per month to help us get the message out to more Americans. Obviously, you are welcome to give more than that and there are options available, but if enough people make the commitment, $10 per month will make a big difference. If you believe in American manufacturing and the benefits it can bring to this and future generations, please click the link below and sign up today. We made it easy to sign up and there is no long term commitment.


Thank you

Buy American Campaign


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