Tainted Food And Explosive Electronics: Why Foreign Made Products Can Be Dangerous

Tainted Food And Explosive Electronics: Why Foreign Made Products Can Be Dangerous

About 100,000 Americans get sick from contaminated food each year. Buying products from an American manufacturer is a smart way to protect yourself and your family from this havoc. The food safety standards in other countries aren’t as high as they are in the U.S., food production industries in these countries are least regulated and most corrupt. Unlike many foreign countries, in the United States of America, organic foods are carefully formulated and crafted, free of pesticides, chemicals, and genetic engineering.

Many countries are dealing with environmental pollution from unrestrained and unregulated industrial growth which has polluted their soil and waterways with toxic heavy metals that nothing grown in them is safe, much less organic. Many vegetables and fruits are irrigated with untreated industrial wastewater. Also, there is so much fraudulent labeling and rampant corruption within the government and manufacturing sectors that it’s not smart to trust what is put on the packaging.

Foods that are particularly vulnerable to becoming tainted include Fish, Chicken, Apples and apple juice, Rice, Mushrooms, Salt, Black Pepper, Green Peas, and Garlic just to mention a few. Many of this so-called organic food contain unsavory additives and drug residues, are mislabeled or are just generally filthy. It is paramount to get these products from a trusted American manufacturer, in order to avoided eating contaminated tainted foods.

A similar issue is seen in the electronic industry, many foreign countries’ manufacturers use parts that are not brand new for their products and some use substandard parts for their products. This can lead to a malfunctioning of these devices and sometimes can lead to these devices exploding. These substandard products threaten commercial transportation systems, medical devices and systems, and the computers and networks that run today’s financial markets and communications systems.

A savvy consumer can often tell at a glance whether a designer handbag or a pair of shoes is genuine or counterfeit. But electronics counterfeits, hiding deep within products and systems, are not so easy to detect. Very few of us open up gadgets to inspect the components inside, and even if we did, almost none of us would know how to distinguish good components from bad. The smart step to take in buying safe electronics is to buy electronics made by an American manufacturer. There are strict laws and regulations in the U.S. that prevents an American manufacturer from producing substandard electronics products.

To manufacture products in America, a company must comply with rigorous standards when regulating the use of toxic chemicals and dangerous materials that can cause either injury or health hazards. The large scale problem affecting many foreign food and electronics industries include confused and underfunded regulatory system, an over-centralized processing industry, and careless, or downright unscrupulous, food producers and electronics manufacturer.

Assuming more personal responsibility for our food safety requires some thought and effort, and it’s by no means fool proof. But it can also return a welcome measure of meaning to our food-buying routines. You can reduce your risk of eating tainted food by buying well-known brands, buying locally grown produce as much as possible and buying seafood only from an American manufacturer.

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