2 Ways Overseas Products Can Harm Your Health

2 Ways Overseas Products Can Harm Your Health

In the economic environment, present within the United States, outsourcing our goods and services to foreign nations for completion is extremely common place while simultaneously controversial to millions of Americans. The controversy lies not in the outsourcing itself but in how that outsourcing has the potential to negatively impact the health of our fellow countrymen and women. This article seeks to shed light on just a couple of ways overseas products can harm your health.

In order to truly understand how outsourcing impacts our health as a nation, we must first recall that outsourcing was initially utilized to maneuver around the strict demands of unions while taking advantage of the low-cost labor that existed in abundance in other nations. This mindset, still in use by many companies today, should be the first indicator that your health as a consumer is not always considered a priority when trade deals are made.

Oftentimes, outsourcing leads to an overall decrease in standards that would not have existed if a company would have kept their goods and services inside our borders. When companies seek to outsource the processes or products they could easily perform or produce within the United States, they are opening themselves up to the possibility of their very own standards being diminished. Consider the fact that the psychology of owning a product or process for ourselves means that we are more inclined to care for it.

Therefore, when goods or services are outsourced, we can infer that the standards they are held to are less likely to be maintained and more likely to impact our health.

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If we take this a step further and speak about outsourcing from a purely economic standpoint, we will see how other countries may be inclined to take shortcuts we as American consumers would not be very satisfied with and that could ultimately impact our health. When a company determines that they will move forward with outsourcing a current American made product, they must consider the value of the American dollar to the value of the currency the country they are trading with utilizes.

When additional import and export taxes as well as fluctuating currency values are taken into account, foreign companies become more inclined to seek ways they can keep costs low. While some foreign companies will remain ethical and seek support from entities that maintain the consistency of their host company’s products, others will not be so inclined. This ultimately leads to one of the ways overseas products can harm your health.

Through our exploration of the ways in which outsourcing has negatively impacted the lives of your fellow citizens, we hope you have learned that buying American simply ensures that appropriate health and safety measures have been taken to protect consumers. When Americans purchase goods and services from within our borders, we provide the opportunity for regulation put in place by those who know us best, fellow Americans. So, the next time you choose to buy American, know that you are also selecting to support the health of our great nation!

Can you think of ways overseas products can harm your health?

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