Officially that is the gist of it, but what is left unsaid is where all the richness and depth of Turner Bikes lies. And that story begins quite before Turner Suspension Bicycles Incorporated even existed and thrives on the people who both toil over every frame that leaves here to every rider that flows down their favorite trail.

From day one, when David Turner found the ride quality of the suspension mountain bikes this industry had to offer lacking it became his mission to push the abilities of the bike. Since then this vision has become a vital driving force behind how and why our bikes have evolved. David’s dream had always been in creating the perfect ride without a compromise. Something he could be happy with every day of the year, rain or shine, on a rut ridden descent or up a rocky climb. A balance of everything that is a suspension mountain bike that can only be proven by the ride. This is the dream and this is the bike.


Our Address:

41615 Date St. #105, Murrieta CA 92562


33.527953, -117.1782882