On a dirt road in Colorado, Sense of Motion Footwear founder Olivier Marchal, took off his running shoes and set out barefoot. These first few steps were the beginning of a challenging and rewarding journey from pain and frustration to the chance to change his health and his community for the better.

An avid runner for many years, Olivier was stopped in his tracks by back pain. Three years later, he happened to read “Born to Run,” by Christopher McDowell. He was inspired by the minimalist footwear of the Tarahumara Indians of Copper Canyon, known for incredible feats of long distance running.

Sure enough, no sooner had Olivier slipped out of his running shoes, the pain was gone. Underwhelmed by the available minimalist footwear on the market, and discouraged that all of it came from overseas, he wondered, ‘Could I make my own shoes, not only for runners but for anyone wishes to walk on their own two feet?’

The answer was yes, though it has taken enormous amounts of research, patience and perseverance. Olivier’s vision of the perfect shoe has expanded into a greater dream of giving back to the community. A metal worker by trade, he knows first hand how America’s economy is suffering, and how many skilled artisans are finding themselves without work.

Olivier’s passion and determination are evident in his footwear, and he is proud to offer quality casual shoes made right here in the USA.


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