Since, his teens Alex had a serious problem with shoe odor, his shoes always stank! He tried every shoe spray, foot powder, and alternative….nothing REALLY worked. In 2015, after a day cut short snowboarding at Mammoth Mountain Resort (click here for the full story), he took off his boots and they had to be moved out of the cabin immediately. The smell was intolerable! The time had come, develop a shoe odor eliminator that was going to kill the worst odor creating bacteria, and leave a strong pleasant smell. After almost a year of development and testing SoleFog Shoe Odor Eliminator was created and proven to combat the worst shoe odor.

The 3 most important aspects of SoleFog Shoe Odor Eliminator include:

Eco-Friendly Ingredients. SoleFog is a completely natural and water based product. Developed with specific ingredients that kill bacteria created from sweat in shoes.

Didn’t Change How We Live. SoleFog isn’t there to change your lifestyle. We want you to continue to live outdoors, compete in sports, and enjoy life. SoleFog will just make your life a little more pleasant when your shoes are off.

Made in the USA. ´╗┐SoleFog was developed, created and will always be 100% produced in the United States of America.

Next time you kick off your stinky running shoes, golf shoes, hiking boots, ski & snowboard boots, or work boots spray a quick short burst of SoleFog in each shoe and let it go to work!


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