Using authentic equestrian hardware, responsibly tanned leather, traditional handwork, and the finest fabrics, all of our products are bench-made by a team of craftsmen who take pride in every piece they produce.

Working with local artisans is an integrated part of the company’s business philosophy and approach. Rebecca Ray’s custom handbags are proudly made in the beautiful communities of northeastern Ohio; these craftsmen and women create each item by hand using methods handed down through the generations.

All leatherwork is bench-made exclusively for Rebecca Ray by harness makers and seamstresses dedicated to preserving the craftsmanship of their trade.

The far reaching impact of this business in local communities is immeasurable in training skills, development of work ethic and the sense of pride in accomplishment. We proudly support and will continue to develop this high quality American craftsmanship.


Our Address:

7181 Chagrin Rd # 250, Chagrin Falls, OH 44023


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