Radiant Complex is a specialty cosmetics company that is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality, professional beauty solutions.

As the science of beauty continues to advance at a lighting fast pace, you need companies that you can trust to deliver products that incorporate the latest technologies and ingredient complexes to work effectively and safely. Radiant Complex was founded to be the brand that you can look to for real solutions to everyday beauty problems, such as how to lengthen eyelashes, minimize pores and keep mascara from running. Radiant Complex is all about helping you look and feel your absolute best.

Here at Radiant Complex, we are committed to providing products that live up to their promises. We take that commitment seriously, which is why all of the products in our collection of prepping and setting formulas are rigorously tested before they are ever released to the market.

To maintain an unparalleled level of quality, we manufacture our primers, lash serum, and finishing powder in the USA. This allows us to carefully control every step of the process to ensure that every product is potent and pure.


Our Address:

1658 Milwaukee Ave #100-3159 Chicago, IL 60647


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