We are two sisters with very different personalities, but the same exquisite taste. We love contrast and the unexpected. We have a reverence for the past, for iconic American images, but we are equally as inspired by the modern global world. We appreciate change and revel in tradition.

Perhaps our dichotomy is best explained by our family tree. We come from both a long line of raven-haired Armenian entrepreneurs and flaxen haired Scottish rabble-rousers. We each inherited those temperaments and hair colors, though not in equal parts.

We grew up as members of a family-owned and operated outdoor advertising company located in Cleveland, Ohio, the heart of rust belt chic. We have always wanted to find our own voice in our family business and thus emerged Noubar ltd.
Noubar was the name of our Armenian grandfather, but it also means new beginning.

Our handbags are created primarily from repurposed billboard vinyl taken straight from actual ad campaigns formerly displayed on the roadways of the greater Cleveland metropolitan area. Because billboard vinyl is so industrial we have refined the bags with soft leather and striking gold embellishments. And not to forget our past, the lining of our bags is in a signature pomegranate red as a symbol of our Armenian heritage.

Our bags are colorful and unique, just like us.


Our Address:

Cleveland OH


41.499562545127, -81.694324517665