Mei Vintage is a unique line of handbags designed in sunny California inspired by nature, culture, and vintage textile. Mei Vintage is more than just a handbag company. We focus on sustainable practices by using repurposed materials, organic hemps, naturally tanned leather, and leather remnants whenever possible. All of our handbags are handcrafted with attention to detail and focus on classic designs that are meant to last season after season.

Designer Alice Huang grew up in Los Angeles, Hawaii, and Asia. She translates this bi-cultural upbringing into her unique collection of Asian inspired handbags infused with a vintage twist. Mei Vintage was born from Alice’s appreciation of nature, products cultivated by hands, and her passion for vintage textile. Handbags from Mei Vintage aren’t simply accessories. Each one is an artful combination of nature, culture, and innovation, forged together and preserved in each collection. Mei Vintage is Beauty, sustained.


Our Address:

P.O. Box 195 Hermosa Beach, California


33.8622366, -118.39951940000003