In 2008, Marcia’s husband David Bacon (an experienced sports apparel manufacturer) brought to Marcia’s attention to this fabric for her to try after tossing and turning and going from hot to cold night after night. It was his thought from knowing the industry, and working with moisture wicking technical fabric, that it just might be beneficial to Marcia as she was going thru body temp fluctuations.. As it turned out, what has now become the ‘one-of-a-kind’ idea- Goodnighties sleepwear,…Marcia, couldn’t get over the difference in sleep, not lying in a pool of sweat which resulted in better sleep waking rested and refreshed, Together, David and Marcia then worked tirelessly to develop a superior light-weight cozy soft fabric with 4 way stretch, colors and styles that have become Goodnighties of today. Because of Marcia’s experience, she knew her mission was to get the word out to women everywhere about this amazing sleepwear. As the old saying goes, when mama ain’t happy, no-one’s happy.

By 2010 we had finally developed the products we were satisfied would be the quality to market.

Goodnighties provides jobs right here in the South from dying and making the fabric, sewing the garments and packing and shipping them to all 50 states and 30 countries. We can proudly say We are Made In the USA!


Our Address:

Laceys Spring, AL 35754


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