Calligramme opened its lush doors in December 2014, unveiling a well-executed operation backed by—of all things—anti-consumerism and female empowerment. The shop is the brainchild of Marissa Vogel: Upper Lawrenceville resident, former second- and third-grade special education teacher, and firm believer in the power of sensory reception. Her space, adorned with mid-century-style furniture and vintage vinyls, exudes equal parts soft romance and unbridled sensuality.

Not by accident, the garments Vogel selects are strong, bold, and confident—an attractive combination to her customers of the same characteristics. Everything from sweet, lace-lined bralettes to crotchless (albeit classy) panties fill Vogel’s shelves. But if you’re looking for nipple covers, you’ve got the wrong girl. “That’s not really what I’m going for,” she says. “It’s just a different kind of vibe.”

That vibe is a steady stream of supply chain consciousness. Opposed to selling anything manufactured outside of the U.S. (which, to the dismay of some customers, includes most nipple covers), she places a world of emphasis on knowing the source of her products, down to their very last stitch.


Our Address:

5417 Butler St. Pittsburgh, PA 15201


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