Founded in 2013 BETSON is the creation of Betsey Williamson, a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, who wanted to combine her love of art and design as well as her experiences traveling the world with the knowledge she gained in the apparel industry to produce a brand of leather goods which in style reflect both modernity and diversity and in construction quality and innovation.

Also, at the foundation of Betsey’s vision was that all goods would be made in the USA.

As a result, BETSON is a design atelier based in Columbus, Ohio from where all bags are conceptualized as original designs, developed, built and dispatched. Each bag is carefully and thoughtfully created to deliver the wearer a designed and quality piece which can be enjoyed just as much tomorrow as today.

All BETSON bags are made using only real leather. Each piece of leather is reviewed and hand selected for quality, softness and color before it is integrated into a BETSON design.

The leathers used are primarily from Italy, the USA and Brazil and are mainly cow hide. However, some limited edition collections may use sheep skin, goat skin and occasionally shearling or rabbit fur for added design and textural interest.

The natural variations which occur from hide to hide make each bag beautifully unique and one of a kind.


Our Address:

Columbus OH


39.961372, -82.998626