5 Effective Ways to Market Your ‘Made in America’ Brand

5 Effective Ways to Market Your ‘Made in America’ Brand

Companies often move their manufacturing overseas because they believe it to be less expensive than manufacturing in America. That said, there are plenty of good reasons why some businesses choose to stay. Here are 5 ways to effectively promote your “Made in America” products.

  1. Use marketing to promote your American-made brand.

    Consumers in this country want to support businesses that choose to operate in the United States, but they need to know that you are a US-based company. Let them know your stance by making it clear that your brand is totally American. Make sure that the “Made in America” stamp is visible on not only your products, but also your marketing materials. For example, consider placing that label right in the header of your company website. The moment that people land on your home page, they are clearly going to see that you are committed to manufacturing right here in the US. Keep in mind that there are an increasing number of vendors who only want to sell US-made products, so track those guys down and make them aware of your stance.

  2. Remind consumers of the importance of local jobs.

    While major corporations are outsourcing jobs to foreign interests, there are still businesses determined to put Americans to work. If your business is among that group, you need to remind consumers that you are part of the unemployment solution in this country. It’s easy to look at a small US business that employs less than 10 people as not being a great help in creating local jobs, but you need to look at the bigger picture. That business will deal with suppliers and other companies that are committed to the “Made in America” cause. Once you start connecting those businesses together, it becomes clear that 1 business with a small workforce is actually connected to a group of hundreds, or potentially thousands, of other locally employed folks. It is important that your stress your role in this movement when talking to consumers.

  1. Get creative in your all-American marketing.

    There is a company called Seedling Kids in Ohio that is committed to the “Made in America” brand. They make garments for kids, but take their marketing efforts to the next level by getting creative with the hand-tags on their products. Those tags contain seeds and flowers that are native to Ohio, and which can be planted by the people who buy their products. This is smart, because it gives you a clear idea of what the company is all about, while also positively reinforcing the “Made in America” brand.

  2. Prove that American-made products are better.

    People need a reason to spend their hard-earned money beyond just supporting the “Made in America” cause. Imagine for a moment that you need a new custom-made dress shirt for an upcoming special event. The need for this shirt slipped your mind and you now have to get your hands on one in a couple of days. You are simply not going to get that shirt from a company based overseas, whereas a US-based business can get it to you within a matter of days. These are the types of conveniences that need to be highlighted in your marketing efforts.

  1. Make your business personal by telling stories about the people who work for you.

    Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter can be a truly effective tool in your quest to get your “Made in America” message out to the masses. Besides being able to clearly show that you are committed to manufacturing in the States, as we showed in point #1, you can also take time to explain why you chose to go this route. Perhaps you have a story about the creation of your business that is sure to tug at the heartstrings of the average patriotic American. Even if that is not the case, there are people who work for you that may have a story of their own. Take to social media and tell these stories. Show how committed you and your employees are to staying and working in the US, which may well be more than enough to convince consumers that buying American is the only way to go.


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