The Link Between Opioids and Unemployment

The Link Between Opioids and Unemployment

opioid addiction treatmentAmerica has a drug problem! When you hear that, you probably imagine people struggling with addiction to cocaine, meth, or many of the other harder illegal drugs, but that is not what we are talking about here. The drug problem we are now facing is with opioids, many of which are delivered via a legal prescription from your local doctor. That said, the illegal trade in opioids is also booming, as the American people go in search of a substance that heals their pain, while doing so in a way that they believe to be safe and harmless.

Opioids are far from harmless, though, and they are also incredibly addictive. The fact that opioid addiction treatment options are now becoming more prevalent than other forms of treatment is a sure sign that more and more people are finding themselves in trouble. We will get to the link between these drugs and unemployment in a moment, but we first need to talk about what opioids are used for. They are used for a variety of purposes, but most commonly as a treatment for pain, both mental and physical. If you have spent a good portion of your life in pain and you see those symptoms relieved with an easy to attain drug, chances are you are going to want more and more of those pills.

The link between increased opioid use and unemployment is clear to see, as people turn to something to ease their stress and depression when they are unable to find work. As more and more jobs move overseas, hard working American citizens are either left unemployed or stuck in a job that is well below their skill and talent level. For many, that means taking on low-paying physical jobs that put a strain on their mind and body. What starts off as a legitimate attempt to ease that pain ends up becoming an addiction that can lead to more serious health issues.

It’s no real surprise to learn that opioid use is more commonly found in depressed regions where unemployment is high and job opportunities are scarce. The sense of hopelessness in these areas is very real, and opioids help mask the pain, if only for a little while. It’s not long before people need more than their prescription has to offer in order to dull their pain for longer and longer periods of time, which is when the real problems and illegal purchases of opioids begins.

One of the most effective ways to help opioid addiction become a thing of the past is to create more opportunities for people in this country. People want to work and have a feeling of accomplishment, but we need to start looking at buying American products again to make that happen. If we all make an effort to buy American made products every time we shop, we will be doing our part to make our nation healthy, in more ways than just economically.

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