Two Interesting American Toy Manufacturing Companies

Two Interesting American Toy Manufacturing Companies

When you go to your average retail store in the United States, most of the toys that you see on the shelves were manufactured in China or some other nation which offers cheap labor to companies. However, there are two particular American-based toy companies which offer toy products that are 100% made in the USA. These companies are not only special because of this, but also because they have their own unique way of manufacturing toys. The names of the companies are Green Toys and American Plastic Toys.

Green Toys

Green Toys is one of the first environmentally friendly toy manufacturers in the United States. Based in Sausalito, California, the company makes all their toys out of 100% recycled materials. Their favorite material to use is milk jugs which have been recycled. Sometimes they’ll use recycled yogurt cups as well.

The benefit of using milk jugs is because of their highly dense polyethylene material, which makes it suitable for creating toys with. As a result, they’ve successfully converted about 50 million milk jugs into toys. And when the products are shipped to customers, they are shipped in a cardboard box that is also recyclable. There is no cellophane, or any other additives used. In fact, the ink used to write the shipping address is actually soy ink. Best of all, the entire manufacturing process takes place in America.

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American Plastic Toys

American Plastic Toys is an older American toy company that has been around since the year 1962. The two main ingredients they use to create their toys are plastic and color additives, both of which are purchased by them from other American companies. These ingredients are even approved by the Food & Drug Administration as being safe. American Plastic Toys has their own manufacturing plants in the United States where these ingredients are transformed into toys. The whole supply chain only uses American-based companies.

Before the toys are distributed to merchants for resale purposes, American Plastic Toys puts each of their products through a safety test that is conducted by one or more independent laboratories which are also based in the United States. This ensures that the toys are safe for children to use. The only downside is that the company’s products are not sold over the internet. However, there are many popular retail stores which sell American Plastic Toys’ products, including Dollar General, Walmart, and Toys R Us.

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