Corrupt Politicians are Waging War Against the Working Class

Corrupt Politicians are Waging War Against the Working Class

The Bureau of Labor Statistics in the U.S. Department of Labor recently released a pleasant set of employment details, stating “Both the unemployment rate, at 4.3 percent, and the number of unemployed persons, at 7.0 million, changed little in July.” To help you visualize how many people are employed in America, consider that Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor (the largest stadium in the United States) holds roughly 107,600 people, while our nation is home to 326,474,013 (Census Bureau, 2017). After factoring in that 4.3 percent unemployment rate, that means our nation’s employed persons could fill that stadium upwards of 3000 times!

With so many Americans employed and a seemingly balanced economy, you may be surprised to learn that the clear majority of these workers, including many of you, have been economically disadvantaged by corrupt politicians and their agendas! In order to put America first, we need to take care of our workers, which is why we are seeking to educate you on many of the ways their policies are currently impacting you!

Minimum Wage:

Our politicians have been involved in a myriad of controversies in recent months, which have detracted from their ability to successfully negotiate a rise in our minimum wage. This has left millions of Americans working jobs where the meager wages they do make are unable to support their most basic needs. Worse yet, those in office have sought to support “right to work” laws, which will ultimately weaken unions (the people who fight most for our wage increases!). Additionally, previous Executive Orders that protected federally contracted employees from losing wages such as the “Fair Pay and Safe Workplace” order, have been retracted. As a result, the American worker is actually worse off regarding support of a fair minimum wage than they were in the past.

American Jobs:

The current administration has promised an increase in jobs here in the United States but many of their policies seem to be implemented simply for aesthetics. Take, for example, the application of the “Buy America, Hire America” executive order. If one were to read it thoroughly, they would quickly find it to be more focused on reviewing current employment practices as opposed to implementing new ones. While this may set us up for a better understanding of how vast our task to improve the American labor market is, it does not help the current situation. This is especially true when one considers the fact that some research firms estimate that 41 of the top 100 federal contract recipients engage in hiring people from other countries. Obviously a very unsupportive move by our government.

The issues mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to detailing the pre-emptive strikes our very own government is waging against the working class. We need to arm ourselves with knowledge about each of these policies so we can more adequately fight back against these attacks. Go forth fellow Americans and fight for the right of fruitful employment.


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