The Benefits To Our Children of Buying American

The Benefits To Our Children of Buying American

Of all the good reasons why we should all make efforts towards sustaining American manufacturing, from safe environment to safe economy, some would argue that the most important of those reasons lies in our most precious legacy to the world, our children. And surely enough, the future generation of American adults will indeed benefit if we choose to take action now and invest our money back into the country. What’s more, by creating this type of culture around how and where the average American buys, we’re setting the ground for future generations of more educated consumers that will help exponentially raise the economy of the country and the well being of American citizens, no matter where they live. Buying American is extremely beneficial to our children, and you can continue reading about the reasons behind this fact in what follows.

Being able to make a decent, honest living

Entire towns are dying in the US, living on welfare, fallen into depression, alcohol and drug abuse, poverty and crime. And a big reason why this is happening is because of lack of jobs. Helping such towns to get out of this rut, and bringing them back to being healthy and active should be of prime importance in the process of stopping this phenomena from spreading, and protecting future generations from being faced with the same dim perspectives. By committing to buying American-made products, we will eventually be able to create a big enough need in the market to justify serious investment in US manufacturing, hence creating well-paying jobs and opportunities for future generations.

Living in an independent country

As Americans, we are particularly lucky to live in a free and independent country. And as parents, just like our forefathers did for us, we should always go that extra mile to ensure that we leave this country to our children in a better shape than it was when we arrived into it. And keeping the US independent has a lot to do with supporting American-made goods and services. Less importing and more exporting means we can put a stop to the ever increasing trade deficit, and subsequently avoid getting into more unsustainable debt. Pumping money into countries that don’t operate under a democratic system is another potential threat to American independence, a threat that can be removed by keeping our factories and companies here versus outsourcing everything, and by buying American.

Health and safety

Buying products that are made in the USA doesn’t only help secure a certain level of prosperity for the generations to come, but also helps protect us and our children now. By buying toys, clothing, and household items that are made in America, you can make sure that you’re not exposing your family to low quality products that may malfunction producing disastrous accidents, or to toxicity levels that are found in products that come from developing countries, such as the high levels of lead that are found in the millions and millions of toys that are imported in the US and sold all across the country every year.


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