The Future of Buying American

The Future of Buying American

As a society, the United States is experiencing yet another revolution. This revolution is unlike any other that has come before it. In fact, this revolution brings with it the inherent ability to disrupt the progress of its predecessors in multiple ways, potentially creating an entirely new idea of America. You may be asking yourself “What revolution has the potential to cause such widespread changes to a nation as large and great as ours?” To answer this question, you must look no further than the device you are viewing this article on. The technological revolution is here and it will change every aspect of what it means to buy American. This article will seek to provide you just a glimpse of how far reaching these changes can be!

One up and coming invention, 3D printing, will impact our ability to buy American in a significant way. While the origins of 3D printing can be traced back to the early 1980s with Rapid Prototyping (RP) technologies, 3D printing as we know it today is vastly different and significantly more efficient than it has ever been. It is so efficient in fact that many industries who have decided to implement it, find themselves significantly changed almost overnight. Consider the implementation of 3D printing in American manufacturing. The ability to create products using an additive process rather than a subtractive process will save vast amounts of material that can then be used to create other products within our borders. This will undoubtedly minimize environmental impacts, increase the rates at which goods can be produced, and decrease our reliance on foreign countries for our products. Thus, making the decision to buy American even easier than it currently is today!

With this technological revolution occurring as we speak, it is important for every American to consider how this boost in technological advances will impact their ability to find a role within manufacturing that can support their and their family’s needs. As you may have guessed, an increase in the use of technology often results in a decreased need for actual personnel, both here and overseas. Americans will not need to face this harsh reality if each American commits themselves to learning the ins and outs of the most recent technological advances. With an increased knowledge base, we can all rest a little easier knowing that our jobs are secure. Keep in mind, the machines of the future will still need mechanics and Americans are well suited for this role.

With this revolution changing the very definition of what it means to buy American, it is important for everyone to take a step back to contemplate how the world’s increasing dependence on technology, in all fields, will impact the modern marketplace. If we, as a nation, can get in front of this revolution, we will most assuredly come out on top with a better economy. It will simply come down to our ability to better forecast the changes ahead, maneuver ourselves into the right training opportunities, and maintain a steadfast desire to buy American.

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