Here’s why American made products last longer (and cost you less in the long run)

Here’s why American made products last longer (and cost you less in the long run)

Most Americans given a choice between foreign made products and similar ones made in the USA would rather buy the American made products. This is because we could always trust and have confidence in them.  There is also a natural need to value the products made in your country no matter what country you are from.

In order to achieve a continued economic recovery, the US requires a consumer-oriented commitment to buying made in American products. It is possible for industrial development in America to top the box in the rescue of the economy.

This new orientation will not only sustain American manufacturing jobs but also expand overwhelmingly the employment sector bringing about massive reduction to unemployment, help American businesses stay in business, and further increase greatly the tax base to take care of our natural benefits such as Social Security and Medicare.

Americans should buy American made products because these products not only last longer but will also cost you less in the long run. Products made in America are well-made, high in safety standards and, more often than not, more reliable. The top notch quality and safety control system obtainable in the US is second to none.

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While it is true that we all have a need for some foreign made goods such as, computer chips, electronics, or fashion because of the availability and relatively fair prices, there are several other goods which are simply badly constructed. A number of these substandard products are made with only one intention in mind and that is price – a low price to beat the competition.

It is so pathetic that cheap products are delivered without ever paying attention to the details, quality, and finesse. On the other hand, if you pick up a particular foreign made product which has a Made-in-America alternative with a 20% higher rate, you’d find out that the latter would outlive the former in greater proportions. That saves everyone money in the long run.

A good example is vending machines. An American manufactured vending machine has components that are made with metal parts, which ought to add longevity to the machines life. This is not so with its foreign counterpart which has components of plastic parts and it is a fact that plastic parts do break down after a while. In the long run, you could spend more money on frequent servicing of the machine.

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When you have a choice, it is safer and more economical to buy American. There is no better time than today to start. Refusal to buy American made products will not only cost you more in the long run but to a large extent contribute to economic problems which affect everyone.

If you desire quality goods for your home, office, or leisure; if you long for a decrease in layoffs or want to help stop it from happening, buy American made products. It will surely last longer and cost you less. It will also help keep the companies operating, and in the long run, help keep the economy strong. And when the economy is strong and stable, everyone benefits.

Can you think of other reasons to be buying American made products?