The New Face of American Manufacturing

“American manufacturing is dying.” We’ve heard that line a million times in the media, in articles, in speeches, and in the social media posts of experts, laymen, and politicians alike. The perception in younger American minds is that manufacturing in America is a series of dirty and a dead-end jobs and that, more than trade […]

Top Five US Manufacturing Industries

We love lists! Here are the top five of the US manufacturing industries per capita in the United States. Getting involved in them is a snap and we’ve included the degrees, certificates, and know-how you’ll need to seek employment in these booming industries! Petroleum: Natural gas, gasoline, oil, and a plethora of other petroleum manufactured […]

What’s Up With “Made In America?”

Many political debates have revolved around whether products sold in the United States should be manufactured in the United States and whether or not imported products from other countries harm the US economy. Both history and current economic models show that in-country manufacturing creates jobs, boosts local economies, and enhances the lives of millions of […]

American Workers: An Endangered Breed

American manufacturers in today’s economy are faced with the struggle to find workers skilled enough to complete the tasks needed to operate efficiently. Currently, one in ten openings for manufacturing positions requiring skilled workers will remain unfilled. This is because of a shortage in talent and a shortage of people with the qualifications to do […]